Hello, I’m Yulia, I’m an artist and illustrator. One day a friend of mine said that she was too old to go to art school and maybe I’d like to do it? I've gladly said “yes” and for the next 15 years I didn't have any idea that one day I'll do illustration professionally.
But creating something was always a passion of mine – drawing, sewing, crochetting, knitting, programming (the latter actually became my education and work for 7 years))!
About my work
I work at home in my teeny-tiny studio in the corner of our living room. My works are mostly hand-drawn but I explore drawing digitally too to have the freedom to work outside of my studio.
You’ll see little characters almost in all my works and they all probably will be smiling.
I believe in little steps (this is the period in my life when it’s the only manner I can make any progress) and in making things happen together with other people.
I like to get emails, especially from really nice people. So if you have any questions, interesting projects, or you just want to say “hello” – please send me a message! I’d be delighted to hear from you and will answer as soon as possible!
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