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I’m Yulia! How can I help you?

Do you have a great idea or project, book in mind or a website?

Or may be you are about to get married or having a baby? And you really want to let everybody (or just a few closest friends) know so they could come and celebrate with you.

And what about presents for your friends and family?

Sure, you could find beautiful stock icons for your project. Send a message to your guests with invitation: text them that – yay! – you baby was born. Or just say it on your facebook page! Buy a brand new cooking robot for your friends anniversary.

But what do you think about something really unique, illustrating YOUR project and idea? Handcrafted illustrations for YOUR website?

What if you really take time to design and send real postcard for your family and friends, inviting them to be with you at your special day? How would they feel?

What will your friend say if instead of another nighttable lamp for her birthday she will get a funny portret of herself with her favourite mug/cat/dog/you-name-it?

I believe in all this (little) things, walking extra mile to make people smile and bringing joy by making something (a little bit) magical and special. Do you? 🙂

If you’d like to talk about creating a project with me, please do get in touch!