The Holy Communion card

For the last year, I’ve been taking time off from my day job in the library to be more with my kids as they still are so little and to work on my illustration career. And I’m so so grateful for my clients, for their trust and interesting projects.

This is one of the latest – a card for the First Holy Communion of one little girl to send to her friends and family.

The First Communion card.

It was a new experience for me – no cute animals (in the beginning), no special guidelines – just the photos and the mood that we were trying to grab and put into illustration. And then we even went further and experimented with a new sort of paper! And I drew a unicorn for the first time )))))

There is not so much to show as the process this time – the draft was in Photoshop and it is almost the same as the final)) 

The First Communion card - draft.
The First Communion card.
Final piece
The First Communion card.
The First Communion card.

If you need a special card made just for you (or for your loved one) drop me a mail or contact me here – I’m open for new projects! And soon it will be possible to order your card on Etsy – stay tuned!


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