How we made our picture book “The little bear moves”

I’ve illustrated this book for fantastic Kate Nikityuk from who wrote the text and crowdfunded publishing.
The book is about Bears family moving to another country and the little bear coping with the move.
First spread – everything is fine, father-bear is a gardener and there are lots of raspberries for the Bears-family.

This was my first picture book and I applied my skills and knowledge about making books to create it. We had neither editor nor publisher and made everything by ourselves.

After Kate sent me the text for the book I made a dummy. The book was a poem and I liked it so much that it took about an hour to make this first draft. After I sent it to her she replied “Cool! But I have few remarks :)))” I draw everything so quickly that not everybody could understand what was drawn actually. Even the author! )))

First drafts.

After a couple of phone calls, I started to work on final illustrations.

Work in progress…

We’ve added a little mouse on every page and children just love to find him again and again and again!

After very cold winter Bears family decided to move…

The Little Bear and his new friend.

It was a fantastic feeling to hold my own picture book in my hands!

The book is still available to buy here.


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