MATS Bootcamp 2019 – Editorial illustration for Wabi Sabi article

This year I take Bootcamp class from Make Art That Sells and Lilla Rogers and it is so so fun!

What I like the most is the light and fun manner of the teaching and encouraging students to try out new thing and make progress in small chunks.

In the beginning of every month students get a mini-assignment (like “draw flowers!”) and then a week after the big assignment follows. This month was editorial – so we had to create an editorial illustration for a well-being magazine. And we have being illustrating Beth Kempton’s article “Wabi sabi: The Japanese philosophy that  will help you embrace change and accept the past” (what is actually a part of her beautiful book “Wabi Sabi: Japanese wisdom for a perfectly imperfect life”).

In the Bootcamp we also try some different aspects of creating images. This time it was about textures – I’ve even get new acrylic mediums and almost finished a painting before the big assignment came in!

Painting in progress 🙂

Then we’ve got mini and were drawing Japanese tea bowls, maple, simmered vegetables and tea house.

Sketch of Japanese tea bowls.
Close up.

So here is the rough sketch of my idea for the illustration. I wanted to create a calm feeling and show acceptance and connection.

During the last year I’ve tried digital collage – I mean using clipping masks in Photoshop to add textures 🙂 And really composing an image from many elements that I first draw and paint.

Elements for illustration.
Draft is printed out and is ready to be transferred through light table.

After playing around and trying different options I’ve got this result.

Final illustration.

And you can see the whole gallery here.


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