Creating illustrations for baby card

There is a rich tradition of sending baby cards in Belgium where I live. And not only cards to say that baby is born. But also cards to say that baby is on her way and after a couple of months after the fact to say “Thank you” for all presents and visits.

I find it very nice and as an illustrator I love to work on baby cards, it is always something very beautiful and special.

This time I was asked to make one illustration for email for the announcement. And to make an illustration and layout for a real card when the baby will be born.

The idea was to show the couple as foxes family, to show little house (the family also just moved in))) and somewhere a stork.

We have begun with a draft, it was accepted by my client and I’ve made a watercolor-pastel-color pencils illustration. And finished it in Photoshop. The result:

The second part – illustration for a card – have to be similar but in the winter, with the baby already born. The process was the same – accepting of the draft, illustration on paper, finishing in Photoshop. And making a layout.

The result:


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